BitFIXit at Heeley City Farm

At BitFIXit, we support local communities by making computer repairs and software services like malware removal and system optimisations accessible to members of the public that otherwise could not afford the services of computer repair shops. From this year, we are also participating at Repair Cafe Sheffield, a repair cafe based at Heeley City Farm, […]

Stories Of A Refurbishment

Ever wondered what typically happens during the refurbishment of a computer, be it a desktop PC or a laptop? Why refurbish a computer when one can simply buy a brand new off-the-shelf machine from a retailer, or assemble one from a range of different individual hardware components? Refurbishing a computer helps to extend its lifespan […]

BitFIXit Ideas & Suggestions

by Dale – BitFIXit volunteer technician Introduction As someone who joined BitFIXit in February 2016 on a voluntary basis, I enjoy working with computer repairs and refurbishments, having accumulated approximately two years of previous IT experience in computer repairs, optimisations and refurbishments with Really Green IT, a former social enterprise that was based in Hillsborough Barracks […]