Our Services

We offer a visiting IT support service to individuals and organisations across Sheffield (and beyond – by special arrangement).

We simply charge £20 per hour to individuals and £30 per hour to organisations – with free diagnosis and call out. We charge organisations more because they take more work dealing with reporting & other correspondence and take longer to settle invoices.

We don’t do complicated packages and deals, hidden fees or annual retainers. Our pricing follows our philosophy of openness and trustworthiness in everything we do.

Typical repairs such a replacement laptop screen takes 30-45 min, power socket 45-60 min, bad spyware removal might take 60-90 min. Of course if you need replacement parts then we will source them and pass the raw cost +15% to you. We add a small margin here because sometimes parts are defective or wrongly listed and we have to spend time and money returning them.

We can also help with specifying and procuring hardware and software – such as laptops and desktops, printers etc. For example, recently we’ve been asked to specify some 2nd hand refurbished laptops for a local voluntary project that we work with.

Thinkpad X300 laptop
Thinkpad X300 laptop

For general office work we recommended the Thinkpad X300 – it is a well built machine, great keyboard, compact but with a dvd drive, easy to service and made to last. With a solid-state drive they are more than quick enough for office tasks. We’d love to put linux on them, but they do come with Windows 7. Approximate cost is £220 – tested and installed – we visit you and we make sure it works with all your printers, scanners etc. We can also provide hardware with a built-in support contract – this can be useful when applying for capital grant funding for example. 

Another request we get is for help choosing a printer. For almost every situation we recommend a laser printer instead of the more common inkjets. The running costs are much lower and the printers are built to a higher standard so they last longer.

Our current recommendation is the Brother HL-3150CDW

Brother HL-3150CDW
Brother HL-3150CDW printer

This printer is around £110 to buy – and compatible toner cartridges are around £12 ~ that gives approx 2000 pages black or 1400 pages colour. It’s got wireless, google cloud printing and airprint, double sided printing, a little bit slow but otherwise great.

Contact us for more details!