Testimonial #1: Misrak

Misrak came to BitFIXit with a common laptop power problem – after having to position the power cable carefully for months the day had finally come when no amount of wiggling would make it turn on. She had been quoted £80 to fix it – we found the spare part was available for £3.50. “I am so grateful to the BitFIXit people – they fixed my laptop and now I can get on with my emails, reading the news, all of that.”

Testimonial #2: Anfal

Anfal asked BitFIXit to help her with her computer slowing down. Over the years it had got slower and slower, and recently started to pop-up adverts. She had tried several ‘free’ clean-up programs but they just made it worse – demanding that she pay money over the internet to fix the problems. Anfal said “Luckily I was suspicious and didn’t pay them any money – instead BitFIXit took my computer and removed all the pop-ups. Now it is running smoothly again and I can do my coursework without waiting around all the time.”

Testimonial #3: Mohammed

Mohammed has been a regular customer of ours for over five years, in that time he has brought in over a dozen laptops, some of them several times! We were initially suspicious that he was using us to run his own repair business – but it turned out he was a community leader that was often asked for help, and he always brought them to us. “BitFIXit has helped me many times, many times, they are so good. You won’t find a better repair man than this one! And he has taught me so much about these things, now I am almost an expert like him!“

Testimonial #4: Glenda

Glenda found out about us and came in with a simple software problem that was a 15 minute job – her wifi had stopped working.“BitFIXit repaired my laptop after a shop said as it was over 5 years old I should just throw it away and get a new one – now my kids can use it for their homework and games and I can use the other one – no more fighting over the mouse!”